Plastic Free Consulting

Experienced Sustainability Experts

Our team has served companies, non-profits, and governments of all sizes to become more sustainable in accordance with the triple bottom line of people, planet and profit.

We have become experts at combining income and impact and we want to help your organization grow sustainably. 

Our goal is not to have you buy more plastic offsets, but to help you become plastic-free!

Our Plastic-Free Report is designed to show you where you are today and provide you with plastic-free alternatives to help you become plastic-free.

We do the hard work of aligning you with the appropriate vendors to help you make the switch from plastic to plastic-free. 

Not all plastic offsets are created equally. 

You can’t manage what you can’t measure. Offsetting your plastic footprint is a delicate process we treat with the utmost respect to ensure the most accurate calculation of your footprint.

We are committed to finding the most accurate plastic footprint number possible and guaranteeing that your offset will pull 100% certified ocean plastic not “ocean-bound plastic” like others in the industry.

We track every pound of plastic pulled with our trademarked Trash Tracker and send you updates throughout the process. 

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Consulting Process


First, we’ll meet to chat about your goals, values, and priorities; then we’ll audit your business and calculate your plastic footprint


We’ll share our Plastic Free Report, which provides insight into your plastic footprint as well as sustainable and plastic-free recommendations


Purchase one 4ocean Plastic Credit for each pound of plastic you want to offset based on your plastic footprint


Detailed documentation and third-party audits provide full transparency and traceability for every single pound of plastic our crews recover from the environment on your behalf


We’ll send you a media kit that includes your Plastic Neutral Certification and additional assets that you can use to share your impact with key stakeholders